Comcast is Junk Mailing Me

So I’ve got Comcast as my cable modem provider and I think they took over the AT&T cable TV service in my area as well – point is, they know I’m a customer of theirs. For some reason, they’ve been sending me junk mail (snail mail) about once a week for the last month offering me great deals to sign up. I’ve been tossing most of them or mailing them in to Discover/AmEx/Visa/MasterCard/etc. (more on this later) but I finally decided to call in about the offer they sent me after getting another notice this week.

I spoke with several people who told me that:

  1. I was not eligible for the promotions.
  2. They sent these mailings out to everyone.
  3. There was no way to remove myself from these mailings.

Anyone else out there peeved at this? I guess I’ll just keep mailing them back to other junk mailers.

For the last couple of months I’ve been saving non-personalized junk mail and sending it back to other junk mailers in the provided return envelopes (AmEx terms of service go to Discover, MasterCard gets the Discover literature, etc.). Doing this not only gives you a warm fuzzy feeling inside, but it also makes it more expensive for the people sending out the mailings as they only have to pay for the return postage on the envelopes that are actually mailed back. So do your part to make junk mail more painful for advertizers and send them back something nice in those envelopes… I hear they like Milky Way wrappers.