tasks 1.5 Status

I haven’t gotten any bug reports from 1.5b3 so I think I’m going to put out a 1.5 release candidate 1 this weekend. My previously stated goal was to have documentation for the 1.5 release but my schedule for the last few months hasn’t really allowed me to work on it like I wanted to. It’s much harder for me to write documentation when I’m tired than it is to write code – documentation doesn’t keep you focused the same way.

I think if I stuck to not releasing 1.5 until I have documentation, it probably wouldn’t be released for another couple of months. Instead I’m going to go ahead and release 1.5 after putting out a release candidate or two and at that time I’ll put up an FAQ along with the documentation outline in its incomplete state. If anyone out there wants to contribute to the documentation, I’ll gladly accept the help.

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