tasks 1.5 rc1 Response

So far I’ve gotten a very pleasant response from 1.5rc1. 182 downloads in the first day, another 150 already this morning and I’ve moved back into the 4th spot in the top rated PHP scripts at HotScripts.com. A big thank you to all of you who downloaded/voted/sent me an email/linked to my site.

A fellow in Switzerland offered to help translate tasks into French. I need to do a little work for this to happen, but look for (hopefully) several languages to be included in version 1.6. Anyone else out there who would like to volenteer translation services, please let me know.

As I was writing this, another generous fellow has offered to translate it into Spanish. I also received a tip on how to try to support Japanese characters. The stars have aligned, translations it will be. 🙂

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