Would you like to buy a monkey?

Last night we had a little fun at Bill’s expense… On a whim, we decided to see if Bill had left registration and posting on in his blog – sure enough, a few minutes later we were posting away on his site. :mrgreen:

Bill posted about this nice tricycle a few days back so we found some other tricycles we thought he’d like and made our own :scare: contribution :/scare: to his blog.

The first post we added stayed up for about 45 minutes before he saw it, took it down, and posted an "I’ve been hacked" entry.

The second post was even more fun. Bill deleted the initial user we created but registration was still open so we just re-registered and posted the same message with a different trike.

About this time, Bill was on Yahoo Messenger so I gave him a hollar to tell him his site had been :scare: hacked :/scare: . After egging him on a bit in the chat, we posted the conversation we were currently having on his blog. This was supposed to push him over the top, but he actually didn’t see it as he was deleting posts and users in the admin section and just deleted it. Here it is Bill, I took a screenshot. 🙂

After posting this we called him and let him off the hook – lots of fun! Thanks for being a good sport Bill.

Public service announcement to all bloggers, if you don’t want people to post on your blog, remember to turn off registration and new user posting.