tasks 1.5 almost ready

I haven’t gotten any bug reports yet from tasks 1.5 rc2 and I only got a couple of small typo bugs from 1.5 rc1 so unless I hear differently in the next few days, I’ll plan on releasing version 1.5 next week.

I can’t resist packing one more feature in for 1.5; I’ve created a page that will send you an e-mail (it actually supports sending to multiple addresses) with your overdue tasks, today’s tasks, upcoming tasks and high (and highest) priority tasks. Set up a CRON job (or whatever the Windows equivelent is) to hit the URL every morning at 3am or so, and every morning you wake up to a daily reminder of your tasks. I’ve also got an URL you can hit to update your iCalendar file if you want to update that once a day/hour/whatever – same deal.

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