I’ve added a donations page to my site. I got an e-mail from a fellow last week asking me if I could accept donations through other methods than just PayPal so I set up an Amazon donation system (as requested) the same day, but he hasn’t been back to use it yet. 🙁

I like donationware – I think it is a very good model for software. I want people to enjoy using my software so much and find it so useful that they want to pay for it.

I believe that (at least on a small scale) the best software comes from a developer solving a problem that they want solved. I don’t sell the software/hacks/code that I make available on this site because for the most part I am writing things that I want/need. I am willing to put in a little extra effort to try to make them usable by others. I’m including features that people, adding support for other languages – stuff like that. That and all the time I spend on packaging, documentation, etc. is why I happily accept donations.

Unfortunately, I’ve been pretty dissapointed with the result of making my software donationware. I’ve had over 3600 downloads of gallery, over 4000 downloads of tasks and over 1500 downloads of b2 hacks, resume template and other things I’ve packaged up. To date, I’ve gotten 4 donations – that isn’t even close to covering my bandwidth.

I never expected to get much money out of my development, but I did think that if people liked and used the software, they would donate a few bucks here and there. I have gotten a lot of emails complimenting my work, and I’m glad people like it. I’ve spent a *lot* of time on what you see here.