tasks Version 1.5

I’ve posted tasks version 1.5. 😎

The on-line demo is updated and the documentation is up – whew!

Here is a complete list of changes/enhancements in this version.


Optimized database queries. A save that took 13 seconds with a deeply nested task tree now takes 2.
Created load-on-demand system to speed up page display.
Made tree view available on the home page.
Added parent task picker.
Added date picker.
Added “Add Date/Time” button for inserting date/time into notes field.
Added more robust search functionality complete with client-side validation.
Search criteria is returned with results.
Made all lists sortable, sort order is remembered in search session.
Added preference for sort order on home page (uses SQL order by format)
Added more tooltips for usability.
Added label to “Sticky Task” push-pin.
Layout cleanup on Edit Screen.
Added an option to hide deleted tasks in History list.
Action Icons are not available for deleted tasks in list and tree views
Now includes PHP iCalendar version .91
Search is now a GET instead of a POST (makes forward and back buttons work more smoothly)
Checking for new version (on about page) is now a preference
On “Stay Here” when saving a task from the Edit screen, focus (cursor) is set to notes instead of title
Added “Last 10” to “Jump to” list
Made URL available to refresh/view iCal file
Made Bottom toolbar on edit form an option, off by default now
Added a “post to b2” hack for people who compose their b2 blog entries in tasks.
Made date format (year/month/day order) configurable for folks in other countries.
Added time offset in hours for people using a server in a different time zone.
Support for PHP < 4.1 (thanks Simon). uft-8 support for Asian languages. Support for PHP installations with magic quotes turned off. Daily reminders by e-mail (requires CRON access or equivelent). Date range of tasks exported to the iCalendar file is now a preference. PHP script for creating the table and installing the test data. Bug Fixes: Breadcrumb link in new task screen wasn't confirming properly when you left the screen without saving after making changes. Fixed problem on resolve screen where date due was thought to be changed when it wasn't. export_to_ical.php now uses the database tablename var. Fixed install script. Fixed typos in README

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