tasks 3.0, Multi-User/Groupware Support

I have gotten a lot of requests from people who want to see tasks become a groupware (multi-user) application. With my software, I don’t do something if I’m not going to do it right – and proper multi-user support is a really big job. The things I’d have to do to add multi-user support include:

  1. add users
  2. add user creation/registration
  3. add user management
  4. add login/session management
  5. add user/permissions groups
  6. add assignment (group/user) attributes to a task
  7. add notifications/alerts when a task is assigned to another user
  8. add views based on user/group permissions
  9. add support for viewing but not editing tasks based on permissions
  10. more stuff I don’t have listed here

I didn’t build tasks as multi-user/groupware because it isn’t something I need. I do however want a new development machine – a 17″ PowerBook will do nicely. So I’m going to be keeping a donation chart. Every donation I get goes towards the new PowerBook and when I get the new PowerBook, the first thing I do is start building groupware features into tasks. I think this is fair.

You can see the progress on my donations page.

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