I had a weird morning…

It’s not every day I call 911…

First off, I got up early.

That is kinda rare for me. Some friends had a 6:35 tee time at a local 9 hole golf course so I joined them. We were the first group off – it’s really nice not to have a group in front of you that you have to wait for. I wasn’t sure how I’d do since I haven’t been playing very often and played softball last night, but I was able to keep the ball going fairly straight.

Anyways, I got back home, got ready to go to work and was just getting my shoes on when I got a phone call, “Is Christina there?”, someone had wrong number.

A few moments later they called back again, this time fairly agitated – telling me they did NOT have the wrong number. I told them they did and hung up again.

As I was getting into my car they called a third time; the same jackass yelling into the phone “Who the F*CK is this?”.

“Who are you?” I asked.

He didn’t like that much, “Don’t you know I’ll find out who you are? I’m going to find you and beat your face in you f***ing f*ggot!”

“Dude, you’ve got the wrong number.”

“No I don’t, this is Dan’s phone – who the f*ck are you and what are you doing with this phone. I’m going to find you a put a cap in your… (etc, etc.)”

I repeated, “You’ve got the wrong number.”, and hung up again.

I’m pulling out of the driveway and the phone rings again. This time I answered and simply said “You want me to call the police?”.

This time it was a lady, “Yes, call the police, I’m looking for my 13 year old girl and this is Dan’s phone, you stole this phone – call the police!”

Geesh – I don’t blame someone for being upset if they can’t find their kid but clearly they do have the wrong number and I can’t help them, so I dialed 911 on 3-way.

For some reason 911 took me to California Highway Patrol, the operator heard enough from both of us and transferred the call to my local police department. At this point the harassing lady hung up and I explained what had happened to the officer on the line.

He told me, “It sounds like they have the wrong number.”

No sh*t.

The officer said he’d call them and try to straighten it out and if I heard from them again to call him. A few minutes later he called me back, “Yeah, they were dialing the wrong area code. I told them if they called you again you’d press charges for harrassment.”

Damn right.

When I hung up, I realized this had shaken me up a little – lots of adrenaline. Anyway, it was an interesting way to start my day.