tasks License Violations

I had to send a gentle e-mail to these folks today asking them to not offer tasks as a $1/month service (I haven’t heard back from them yet). These guys don’t seem like :scare: bad guys :/scare: from their site so I hope this won’t be a problem.

An ISP in Italy had completely rebranded tasks, even changing the copyright info – that really pissed me off. Fortunately after contacting the person in charge, they were cooperative about the situation.

My license explicitly does not allow charging in any way for tasks. If I’m giving it away, I don’t think other people should be making money on my work – even a little amount like $1/month. If you are an ISP or another company that wants to offer tasks as a paid service, get in touch with me and I can sell you a tasks license that will let you charge money for it. I think this is fair.

UPDATE: I want to make it clear that I am both pleased and flattered when an ISP or consulting group wants to offer my software as a value-add. For example, I think the way Accurate WebHosting is offering tasks to their users is great, although it would be even better if they were offering version 1.5.2. 🙂

UPDATE #2 (2003-05-04): I heard back from the justthesite.com, sounds like there won’t be a problem at all – I’m relieved.

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