New Book

I spent a good deal of time last night setting up my new PowerBook. I decided to sell my 400mhz PowerBook before it lost all it’s value and do an interim upgrade before the rev B of the 17″ PowerBook the new 15″ model everyone is expecting arrives.

It amazes me that a Powerbook will cheerfully run for 3+ hours on battery will full brightness, etc. but my Dell laptop at work never gave me more than 45 minutes, even when it was brand new. Now I barely get 10-15 minutes out of it. I considered getting a Windows laptop but even if they are faster (some definitely are), I just don’t enjoy using them like I do my Macs.

There is a LOT of stuff I had to install to get set up – I didn’t realize all the software I use. I’ve decided to try using Apple’s iSync with Address Book and iCal instead of those features in Palm Desktop. This also lets me sync the data with my iPod – can’t hurt to have it there I guess. I’m also giving Apple’s another shot – having all my e-mail addresses from my Palm easily accessible is nice. I upgraded from MySQL 3.23.x to 4.1.x and everything still seems to work great. 🙂

I also bought my first music from the new Apple Music Store, very very cool. I got Louis Jordan’s version of Is You Is or Is You Ain’t My Baby – I was surprised to see that they not only had the song, but they had 13 different versions of it! They’s sold 2 millions songs in the first 2 weeks – to only Mac users. Mac users are generally considered to be 2-6% (I’ve seen 10% or more have access to a Mac but can’t remember where I saw it) of the market share depending on who you ask, so that is pretty impressive.