Barry Zito Autographed Photos

On Saturday I went to the Royals/A’s game (and post-game fundraising event at the Pyramid Brewery in Berkeley) with guys from my fraternity I hadn’t seen in years.

2002 AL Cy Young Award Winner Barry Zito was the guest at the fundraiser. After he did his radio gig, I was able to get his autograph on two photos I took of him pitching earlier this season.

framed photos

I framed both of the photos – brought one in to my cube at work and have one at home. It is pretty cool (at least for me) to have autographed photos that I took myself.

I may try sending out some prints of other good photos I’ve taken to players and see if I get any returned with autographs. Anyone out there have experience with this? I’m guessing I’d send to the player c/o the team’s PR office or something.