tasks 1.6b6 released

I’ve released tasks version 1.6b6. This release adds Traditional Chinese and Japanese languages to the list (English, French, German, Dutch, Korean). The demo is updated with the new languages. If you want to do a translation for a language I don’t already have – go for it and send me the language file. I’ll be very happy to include it.

I have also posted a Russian translation file that isn’t working at the moment. BBEdit tells me it is encoded as utf-16 byte-swapped – I’ve tried setting the page encoding accordingly without success. The contents of the file are displayed instead of being interpreted as PHP. If you know anything about this, let me know or post here.

This release also adds posting to Moveable Type blogs through the MT bookmarklet. So now you MT users can compose your blog entries in tasks if you want to (some obviously do, since this was requested).

No one has reported any bugs in version 1.6, so I think I’ll make this the last beta unless I get some bug reporst this week. I’ll do a release candidate with any final language files next week then release 1.6.

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