2 Quick Baseball Thoughts

1) Interleague play sucks. You want more interest in the All-Star game and the World Series? Get rid of interleague play.

2) The A’s have been a much better team when they have a veteran hitter in the middle of their lineup. Their young hitters struggled early last season while David Justice was hurt and they have struggled early this season, especially while Scott Hatteberg was out. Tejada and Chavez in particular seem affected. With a veteran, disciplined hitter (Justice and Giambi before him) in the middle of the lineup, Tejada and Chavez seem to relax and take a better approach at the plate. They see more pitches, chase fewer bad pitches and don’t over-swing trying to do too much. I wonder if Billy Beane will have to add a veteran bat at mid-season, or if the young sluggers will step it up.

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