Bug Reports and Mobile Version

I got a bug report on tasks 1.6 – sure enough I had a mistake in one of the strings in the translation file. I’ve fixed it for all of the languages and will release it along with a new language, Catalan.

I’ve had that bug in there for a month, during which time I’ve released 5 beta versions, which received 1450 downloads… sure enough, I asked the guy and he said, "I was waiting for the full release of 1.6." Doh! :bang: I *tried* to get it tested before I released it – I guess I can’t blame folks for waiting for the full release.

As you can see on the roadmap, tasks 1.7 will be a completed mobile version. Today I received some modified code to the mobile version beta that runs on Japanese cell phones (from the fellow who did the Japanese translation, thanks!). Seems like it would be nice to support these devices as well.

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