photos 3.5b3 released

I’ve released photos 3.5b3. This version has some great improvements. I’m excited about the changes, I think you’ll really like them.

The way the ‘Load Folder’ feature works has been completely re-done (as previously mentioned here). Now instead of loading all of the photos in one shot with no indication to the user what is happening (and depending on the browser and # of photos sometimes getting a timeout error), there is now a status bar that is updated in real time while the photos are processed. Not only that, but saving the photos after entering data about the group is so much faster that you might be concerned it isn’t actually doing everything it should be – don’t worry, it is. 😎

There are likely some new bugs introduced in this version but all of the ones that have been reported have been fixed. See a full list of changes on the Version History page. Special thanks to Mark Bryars for his thoughtful suggestions and testing.

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