Downloads vs. Donations

Hmm, so far today I’ve had 800+ downloads of photos, 300+ downloads of tasks and another 75+ downloads of PHP Doc System and other misc. b2 hacks and goodies. Also today I’ve only had 33 visits to my donation page. No wonder I’m not getting many donations, apparently most people are just ignoring it altogether.

Rather disappointing for me… 🙁 if people don’t like the software enough to donate a few bucks, I don’t know if I should be putting in all of this energy and time putting out the releases. I don’t want this to sound like a threat or sour grapes, because I really don’t mean it to be. I’m just weighing the amount of time I’m spending on developing aspects of the software that are above what I want for my own use, and the reward for doing so.

For example, the revamped Add Folder functionality in photos was a *huge* time investment, and though I think it is really cool and a big improvement – I certainly didn’t need it myself. I did it because people were asking for it. Maybe it will intice someone to donate, maybe it won’t. Adding options people ask for, making things configurable and packaging everything up for a release takes quite a bit of time. I’m glad people are downloading and hopefully using the software, but I’m also dissapointed in the response I’m getting on the donationware side.