The (Mostly) All-Star Game

Ken Rosenthal has written a good little rant about changes and problems with the all-star game. Personally, I think giving home field advantage to the league whose team wins the all-star game is dumb, really dumb. I agree that the all-star game has lost much of its luster, and that it should be a harder fought battle between the league’s best instead of an exhibition, but this gimmick is not the answer.

The all-star game used to be special because aside from the World Series, it was the only time players from the two leagues faced each other. The abomination that is interleague play has destroyed the uniqueness the all-star game used to enjoy. Interleague play is horrible for baseball on so many levels I’m not even going to go into it here; but I was talking about the all-star game.

Now, if the fans are going to vote for the starters who play in the all-star game and each team has to be represented by at least one player, having the top 32 players in the league on either team would be an amazing stroke of chance. As Rosenthal discusses, deserving players were left off and undeserving players were included. This always happens and never used to bother me. However, if they are going to screw with the World Series, it bothers me.

And by the way, choosing who gets home field advantage for the World Series the right way is simple and easy – it should be the team that had the better regular season record. That’s why they play 162 games! Ugh…

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