RSS Feeds on Comments

I’ve added RSS 2.0 feeds for the comments on my blog. Now you can subscribe to the comments of a post you’ve commented on and follow other responses to your comments if you want to.

I’ve written versions for b2 and WordPress. I’m going to be moving to WordPress very soon so I actually wrote this for WordPress first and ported it back to b2. It is nice to see that the WordPress code is already evolving quite a bit under the hood. I’ve posted the code in the b2 Hacks section, I guess that will need to be renamed pretty soon.

Matt, Mike please feel free to include this in WordPress (with any changes you feel are necessary).

UPDATE (2003-07-09): The Comments RSS links are still next to the comments for each post, but I moved them off the blog home page as I didn’t like seeing the little orange boxes everywhere.

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