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Aaron Swartz points us to an entry on censorware. He’s doing his part to help.

Two handy Mac OS X utilities, Dockless and Trash It! have made their way onto my PowerBook.

I came across this site in a Google search for something CSS related. I love the simple design… really well done. This is so true…

I like Scott’s idea of getting the blogging community behind a Rural Broadband Act.

WireTap looks awesome! Perfect for recording part of a Mariners game to listen to on the way home.

A poor man’s IS is a good article explaining how to get sharper photos (works best with a with a digital SLR) with non image stabilized lenses. Basically you take several shots and the later shots are sharper. I’ve found this to be true in my own trial and error testing. I believe it is mainly due to the shake you introduce pressing the shutter button initially. The tip I didn’t know was to check the JPEG file sizes – the largest one has the most detail (is the sharpest). I used this tip over the weekend – can’t hurt as long as you’re disciplined in throwing awapy the duplicate photos. 🙂

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