Tim McCarver is Horrible!

I’m watching the All-Star game right now (love the TiVo), but it is just agonizing having to listen to Tim McCarver do the broadcast. C’mon guys, it’s the All-Star game, get someone good in the booth. Someone like John Miller, Dave Niehaus or Bob Costas (I loved him doing the World Series). Furcal just threw a laser into the NL dugout, over the 6’8″ first baseman Sexson. I love watching Furcal play, he’s such an exciting player. With his speed and quickness, he seems to be playing the game in fast forward compared to the other players.

I went to the Hudson/Maddux matchup in Oakland earlier this year and watched Furcal quite a bit. He’s got an absolute canon for an arm, even if it is a touch scattershot at times. It was quite a game – the A’s winning in the bottom of the 12th inning on a home run by Jermaine Dye. Here are a couple of photos from that game.