Random Tech Tips

This is kind of obvious, but if you are having trouble getting your Mac to start up from a CD (hold down C at startup) or with extensions disabled (hold down Shift at startup) or from a different drive (hold down Option at startup), make sure your keyboard is plugged directly into the USB port on the Mac. It seems it doesn’t always work through a USB hub or even an Apple display.

If your Treo 300 isn’t connecting to the Sprint network from the app you are trying to use (Blazer, SnapperMail, etc.), try going to the Network Preference screen and hitting the Connect button there. It seems to connect much more reliably for some reason.

If you are trying to parse IPTC data with PHP’s iptcparse() function, you have to handle the resulting array with a foreach loop, not a for loop. I have no idea why. Using a for loop I get an undefined offset notice, even if I’ve reset the array. If you know something about this, please share in the comments.