Softball Victories

It’s not good when you’re still sore from your weekend sports events going into your mid-week games. My body still hasn’t recovered from all the volleyball this weekend – I took my vitamin-I last night.

We came in second in our softball league this season and our playoffs started last night. We played the #3 team in the first game, then the #1 team (which had defeated the #4 team earlier). Both games we played were really close.

We won the first game in an extra inning and in the second game we took a 1 run lead into the bottom of the last inning and barely held on for the win. Among the highlights in the 2 games were a sliding catch in the outfield and 4 double plays! It was a double elimination set-up for the #1 team, so we’ll play them again next week for the championship. Unfortunately we’ll be missing 2 of our players next week – it’ll be a challenge.

Stats should be up sometime today – hurry up and get those posted Scott. 😉 Seriously, big thanks for entering all the data this season Scott.

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