Made My Billy-Beane-F&%$ing-A Trade

Last season I traded Giles for Pedro and ended up winning the league because of it. Today I traded Matt Morris and Austin Kearns for Curt Schilling (who is 8 years older than Morris). Hope it works out, this one feels risky.

I’m in position to pick up 3-5 points in Wins and Strikeouts with the addition of another strikeout pitcher like Schilling. This may be enough to put me on top. Matt Morris is a guy I drafted in the 22nd round in our league’s first draft. I’m dissapointed I had to give up him and my first pick (11th round) of this year’s draft, especially for a pitcher who probably has no more than 3-4 years left as an keeper level guy and has been hurt for much of the year with some freak injuries (appendectomy, broken hand).

Basically, I decided to go for it this year and not worry about next year. Morris and Kearns have been hurt for a little while already this season so I’m not going to miss them too much and Marc’s looking towards next year already. I think the trade helps both of us – it was painful for both of us, so it must have been pretty fair. 😉

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