COBA Presentation

I gave my presentation of photos at the COBA meeting tonight. I didn’t do a great job, but I think I got across the main gist of the application. I forgot to talk about a number of points that I meant to bring up – I guess that is what happens the first time you do a presentation. 🙄

I think many of the people there shoot in RAW format, so they probably aren’t as interested in a JPEG-only system. I hope some of them were interested in it. I know one guy was; this fellow actually gave me a cash donation on the spot! Turns out he’s recently been thinking about building a similar system. We spent some time talking over features – I quite enjoyed it. Thanks again for the invite Adam.

I’m looking forward to adding support for more file formats, I know that will make it more appealing to the more technically inclined. I got another request for grouping different versions of the same shot together (original, edited Photoshop file, output, etc.). I think that will be a good feature to add to the system.

As for the presentation itself – I hate PowerPoint and I don’t have Keynote, so I created a little HTML presentation and used Safari and Saft (I donated) to do the full-screen presentation. It worked pretty well, I like using HTML for the presentation. Maybe I’ll post the template if other people are interested in using it.

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