I finished reading Moneyball last weekend, it was a fun read. Overall, I think this book may be more enjoyable to people who don’t already know baseball from a stat-head perspective. I didn’t really learn anything new – the “revelations” about how Billy Beane runs the A’s were all pretty much known to me already. I was also a bit dissapointed at how the last half of the book seemed to finish like the author was in a hurry. A number of interesting topics were briefly touched on, but were not expanded on as they could have been. Again this probably bothered me more than it will others since I knew some of the side stories.

Hmm, I think it sounds like I didn’t like it. I did. The second half was just a bit of a let down because I already knew all the stuff in it. The first half was more enjoyable to me because it had a bunch of stuff I’d never heard before.

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