KFOG Live From the Archives

KFOG puts out a Live From the Archives CD every year around Thanksgiving with the proceeds going to the Bay Area food banks. They do a limited run of the CDs, which always sell out quickly. Last year, I snoozed, I lost.

Now that there is a viable digital distributor for music, will KFOG make the CD available via the Apple Music Store as well as selling the limited run CDs? They could certainly make a lot more money for their charities, but I do see a potential stumbling block.

Right now, the artists (and their labels? I don’t know exactly how it works) donate the recordings for the CD and allow the proceeds to go to charity. Currently they are only doing so in a limited run – would it be harder to get artists (and their labels) to agree to donate a song to the disc if they weren’t doing a limited run?

I don’t know, but I think it would be great to make the recordings more readily available AND generate more money for the charities.