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A wide-screen view for NetNewsWire. I’ve been using it and loving it. I think this idea for a column view has promise as well.

Now for a bunch of baseball links…

Quoth the Raven, McLemore?

Aaron Gleeman looks at Johan Santana’s production so far this year. I picked up Santana on my fantasy baseball team and he is one of the big reasons I’ve jumped out to a lead in the second half of the season. With him and Schilling (and a semi-healthy Pedro), I’ve gained 5 points in strikeouts (from 3 to 8, of 10 possible). I think Santana will be one of my keepers this year.

Eisenberg compares Abreu and Sexson and wonders why Sexon has more Runs and RBIs (total and as a percentage of his team’s total) while playing for a poorer offenseive team. My answer, teams can aford to pitch to Sexson more when they already have a 5 run lead over the Brewers. Not matter what we’ve heard about OBP being more important than SLG, I think SLG does more to directly contribute to runs.

The Batter’s Box has a great interview with Blue Jays GM JP Riccardi.