tasks 1.8 development

I’ve gotten started on some of the reporting features for tasks 1.8. In a previous post, I asked for ideas for reports that people wanted to see in 1.8. From this feedback, I’m looking at including the following reports:

  • tasks completed during a specified time range
  • open tasks sorted by due date or priority
  • overdue tasks (by due date or amount overdue) during a specified time range
  • tasks of XX priority during a specified time range
  • distribution of when tasks are most often completed throughout the week (when are you most productive?)

For all of these, there will options to display just the task title, full notes, probably even child task titles. Reports will be bookmarkable in 1.8, and will be able to be saved in 2.0 (it requires a database change).

If there are more ideas floating around out there, share them in the comments.

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