tasks 1.7.5b1 released

I’ve released tasks version 1.7.5 beta 1. Check out the demo, but note that the languages other than English are missing a few of the translation strings right now.

Here are the main changes:

  • Added the abiltity to do a :scare: Quick Search :/scare: from the sidebar
  • Now includes PHP iCalendar 0.9.4
  • Uses dynamic data for iCalendar instead of writing to a file. This is a big deal, now you don’t need to set permissions anymore and the Calendar always updates with the latest data.
  • Thanks to the change above, I removed about half of the iCalendar settings
  • Searching on Last Modified date. This will be even more useful with the reporting features in 1.8.
  • ‘New Task’ as a post-save option for quick entry of lots of tasks
  • Included ‘orphaned’ language files (Dutch, Italian, Romanian) in hopes they will be updated

I’ve had most of these features done for a little while and wanted to get them out there now instead of waiting to get further along on the 1.8 features.

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