iPod Wish List

Overall, I’ve been quite pleased with my iPod. However, like most tech-heads, I do have my :scare: power user :/scare: features I’d like to see.

I leave my iPod on shuffle by song all the time; I basically treat it as a personal radio. I like being surprised with what the next song will be – often it is a really bizarre playlist (Lyle Lovett to Eminem to Indigo Girls to Frank Sinatra is a combination you rarely hear on the radio).

Using it in this manner, I wish the iPod had the equivelent of a contextual menu. This menu would help you navigate from the currently playing song to ‘more songs by the artist’ and ‘more songs on this album’ or even ‘more songs with this name’.

In several cases, I have a several artists that have covered the same song and want to hear the other version of it. For example, I was listening to Bob Dylan’s Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right and wanted to follow it up with the Eric Clapton cover from the Bob Dylan 30th Anniversary Concert.

More frequently, I’ll enjoy the mood from a certain song and want to follow it up with another song by the same artist.

Is something like this in the new iPods?