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Another very public Windows Oops.

And in case anyone missed this.

Jason Stark has written one of the worst baseball articles I’ve ever read.

As a self-confessed :scare: gearhead :/scare: , I really enjoy articles like this one that talk about organizing all those camera goodies.

Jason found a couple good Matrix comics.

I love it when people take the time, energy and money to do things right.

I gotta agree with this. Consider it a call to action – we all need to rally around :scare: snollygoster :/scare: and bring it back into the mainstream! :mrgreen:

Steven Frank would like to see someone besides Apple contribute some innovations instead of just copy-catting. (Steven also had some nice things to say about tasks 🙂 )

Jason has made his 12" PowerBook a good deal snappier. I think I’m going to wait until they offer the 80gb 7200rpm drives before I upgrade (or maybe wait and get one in a nice 17" body). Also, I would not recommend this surgery to the faint of heart – we were this close to bringing it to the Apple Store to let the geniuses finish the job. 😳