Heckuva Game Last Night

The baseball playoffs have some great matchups this year, it should be a fun October. I should be able to enjoy more of the games than I usually do – more on that later today.

How about the A’s in 12 over the Red Sox in a thriller last night? We watched the first 6 innings at dinner before our softball game, then watched the extra innings over drinks afterwards. 🙂

I thought the longer it went, the more the Red Sox had the advantage with their great offense – didn’t work out that way though. Actually, Meuller probably had Ramon at first if he’d been looking that way. If he makes the play, everyone would have been talkihng about what a bonehead move it was to bunt with 2 outs and the bases loaded. Instead, he’s the hero. Cap tip to Eric Chavez for a fantastic game saving grab on a ball Kapler smoked down the line.