Moving to Denver

I’m moving to Denver. My last day at work was Tuesday. Thing have been pretty crazy the last 2 months. Not sure exacly when we’re blowing out of the Bay Area, but probably (hopefully) sometime in November.

I’ve got a long, long list of things I want to get done before I start officially working again:

  • multi-user tasks development
  • update photos to use the latest version of Exifer
  • complete seven overdue updates
  • convert from my home-grown system to WordPress
  • enter a ton of photos into my database
  • Several WordPress features (options for autop, smart quotes, move the Edit/Posts/Comments onto separate pages, add mobile version to CVS)
  • Work on my golf game
  • Play my guitar
  • More photography

As a moving/leaving gift, Scott and Jason machined this awesome aluminum golf tee for me. Thanks guys, it’s awesome! Unfotunately, I hit the ball so hard that it came right apart. No really, look at the photo. 😉

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