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More beating on VeriSign. UPDATE: VeriSign has dropped the typo-hijacking service for now.

While I keep hearing that the Treo 600 will be out on October 13th, this page, the Treo 600 won’t be out until late November… this would not make me happy. Why announce a product if it is still more than 6 months away from being ready? Some comparison photos can be found here.

Derek Zumsteg has an article on Edgar Martinez’s possible last game.

I think Jason and Scott will like this post.

This is the kind of problem that can dethrone a :scare: standard :/scare: . Thanks to Brent for the link.

Looks like Camino development should be picking up again soon. I use Camino as my main browser (I also use Safari and Firebird, but only for testing).

Mac users should check out MenuMeters, a great status monitor for CPU, network, memory and disk usage. I’m now using it instead of the Apple CPU Monitor and Disk Spy Solid. Thanks to Emmanuel for the link.