More Treo 600 Notes

  • The 5-way navigator is absolutely splendid. I never even reach for the stylus unless I need to jot something in DiddleBug. This interaction control is by far the best I’ve ever used on a handheld, it fundamentally changes the nature of the machine to a one-handed device (except for typing in information). Any Palm OS app that isn’t 5-way savvy just won’t be on my Treo.
  • The speakerphone is quite usable (especially compared to the Treo 300). It works best if you set the phone face down since both the speakerphone speaker and microphone are on the back of the Treo 600.
  • You don’t have to be in the ‘Favorites’ view of the Phone app to use the ‘hold a keyboard letter’ application launch/speed dial. This has eliminated my usage of CoLauncher (registered user for 3+ years).
  • I couldn’t find the old Alarm Preferences in the Calendar/Date Book app, luckily almost everything has been asked and answered in a forum if you’re willing to look.
  • I’d like to be able to turn off/down the screen while I’m in a call. So does everyone on the TreoCentral board – I imagine some developer will help us out with this.
  • HandSpring will give you Pocket Tunes or a game if you register your Treo 600. I choose Pocket Tunes. 🙂
  • After initially changing the right-most hardware button to launch ‘Web’ instead of ‘Power’ (on/off), I’ve changed it back. This really surprises me and I think I’ll probably flip-flop a few more times on this.