Re-thinking Donationware

I’m getting to the point with tasks and photos where I’m no longer adding features that are just things that I want, but things that my users are asking for. This isn’t a bad thing. It makes the products better. It also takes a lot of my time.

I initially released everything as donationware because the software I built was something I wanted to use (I’d build it anyway). As that changes and I don’t see many donations rolling in, I’m considering my options for future releases.

  • I could keep them donationware and let development slow down considerably.
  • I could make them shareware, but I’m not sure that would do much better than donationware.
  • I could add those annoying nag messages (nagware) or remove functionality (crippleware). I don’t like this option.
  • I can try the $1 per download approach I proposed earlier.
  • I can make them cheap commercial products that you have to pay for. Similar pricing, but no free download or try before you buy. I’d probably have to offer installation support for this option.

I’ve got a few more months to decide before I roll out tasks 2.0 and photos 5.0 – what do you think I should do?