Around the web

Lots of stuff this week. 🙂

A nice on-line tool for choosing color schemes.

Disturbing parallels with the Iliad (NY Times).

Doorsteps: a well stylized animation.

Matt pointed out a good article on the right way to open links in a new window in the XHTML world. I’ll be transitioning to this at some point.

Steven Garrity has written an excellent essay on rebranding Mozilla. Branding is important and he clearly :scare: gets it :/scare: .

Michael talked thoughtfully in June with well reasoned points about wanting to switch to a Mac.

Mark Pilgrim has a slew of Panther notes and an article on comment spam (thanks Matt).

Andy Biggs has a review of new inkjet photo paper from Moab.

TreoCallLog is a Mac OS X viewer for the call log your Treo generates. I donated.

If you want to create your own midi ringtones for your Treo on your Mac, try iPiano. I’d love to hear suggestions of other Mac midi creation tools if you guys know of any.

Michael Tsai points out some VCD options for Mac OS X.

A List Apart has a new article on making nice looking pure CSS tabs.

Dougal tries out iTunes for Windows.

Rumsfeld’s Pentagon Papers. Commentary on this memo. (thanks Jim)