tasks 1.8.1 released

I’ve released tasks 1.8.1. This brings some good changes since 1.8 – I recommend upgrading (you can keep the config.php and database.php from 1.8 ).

Here are some of the changes:

  • 401 Authentication support to PHP iCalendar,
  • Made changes to avoid reposting data when hitting the browser’s Refresh button.
  • Added a DTSTART property to VTODO items (this is now required in iCal 1.5.1).
  • Fixed a bug with HTML entities not being properly escaped in the Jump to… drop down list.
  • Fixed a bug where Windows IE users would get an ‘undefined’ comment when marking a task complete and not entering any closing notes.
  • Fixed a bug in mobile version where ‘Delete’ option was appearing on already deleted tasks.
  • Includes updated Japanese language files.

I’ve also updated the on-line demo.

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