One Safari 1.1 Bug Identified

I still don’t have Panther installed, luckily Scott has reduced the :scare: problematic :/scare: HTML which caused the reported flickering in tasks down to a nice test case (Scott’s blog entry). Thanks Scott, I really appreciate it.

I’ll be releasing a version 1.8.2 within a week or so to try to work around this.

There seems to be another problem with PHP and Safari that we haven’t found a work-around for yet. Testing the same code in Safari on three different versions of PHP seems to indicate there is an issue with Safari and PHP 4.3.2. There was no problem with PHP 4.2.2 and 4.3.4RC2. This one is really surprising to me and might be the result of something else we haven’t found yet. We’ll try to reduce it down as well.

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