Photos from the Nelson Invitational

On Sunday I had the opportunity to go to the Nelson Invitational with Adam and combine two of my hobbies: photography and golf. I’ve done a lot of shooting at baseball games over the last couple of years, but this was my first golf tournament.

Adam was shooting for the Daily and I tagged along taking a few shots of my own as we followed two groups of Stanford players for the first 9 holes.

It was a beautiful day in the 90’s in late October – crazy hot weather out here lately. The Stanford course is quite nice and there are some very challenging holes. I expected the golf to be good, but there were a few shots these golfers pulled off that I didn’t think were possible. I guess they just aren’t possible for me. 😉

Adam shoots a Canon 1D which can shoot 8 frames per second. That is something I dearly wish the 10D had. I was forced to be much more deliberate with the timing of my shots. With my 10D’s bursts at only 3 frames per second, at least I have fewer files to sort through and delete. 🙂

Overall, I was pretty pleased with the shots I captured (considering this was my first time shooting a golf tournament). As usual, the shots got better as the day went on and I got a better idea of what I neeeded to do.

Adam has posted some of his photos from the day on his site.