I made some good progress on the last remaining items on the multi-user version of tasks today. I added in a feature that has been requested by several people; an option to return to the page you came from after creating or editing a task.

I also added code to deal with the situation where you have a private task for one user that is under a parent task that is deleted by another user. There is really a ton of stuff going on behind the scenes that most users will never see.

I’m changing the way I add users to groups. Instead of doing a server trip each time to add or remove a user, I’m using some extensive client-side JavaScript to draw and manage the user lists and not sending the server request until you hit Save.

Next up, install and upgrade scripts.

I also fixed a few minor issues in 1.8.2 and will have a 1.8.2 release candidate 1 on Monday.

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