Damn Comcast, Part II

24 hours later, our cable TV goes out. After spending 45 minutes on hold (really wasn’t worth it) I talk to some lady who tells me the cable TV was turned off at the same time the cable modem was disconnected.

She claims that both were done at the same time by someone who physically came out to our place last week. I don’t understand how this could possibly be true since the cable TV worked for a good 36 hours after the cable modem was dead. Logic seemed to be a foreign concept to this gal, or maybe she didn’t believe me. It took four tries for me to get her to actually look at the notes in my account where she saw the previous call and the fact that yes, they actually did screw up.

All of my time on the phone was not in vain however. For losing a day and a half of work (and the inconvenience of having no TV), we have been credited $15!

You might think this is not worth celebrating but you’d be wrong. You see, normally they only give a $10 credit for accidentally disconnecting your services. Since I was so mightily inconvenienced and had to sit on the phone for over an hour, they gave me an EXTRA $5!