I finally installed Panther. I’m still recovering…

Things that broke (that I’ve noticed so far):

  • PHP – installed the latest from Marc Liyanage.
  • MySQL – haven’t fully recovered yet. I knew this happened but was tired and forgot. Oops!
  • Web Root Data – had to recover it from the previous system folder. I should move it into my user directory.
  • Palm Syncing – Reinstalled Palm Desktop and iSync Palm Conduit.
  • Grid spacing on the desktop is huge – any fix?
  • MenuMeters – downloaded the latest version and re-installed.

Other notes:

  • I was told that the latest Safari enabled tabbing to all controls, but I can only get to text fields (yes, I have full keyboard access enabled). I want to be able to tab to drop downs, radio buttons and checkboxes – what am I missing?
  • I think Mail is a little better, but I hate the radius corners around the names. Finally, a “Send Again” command for messages.
  • Camino looks pretty lame with the new tabs.