Safari Once Again

I’m trying Safari again as my default browser. I got SAFT installed successfully – I had to download the demo, run the installer, then replace the bundle with the registered bundle. This gives me type-ahead find (though I can’t find an option to find links only) which ironically is broken in the current nightly builds of Camino.

A quick click in Safari Bookmark Exchanger and I’ve got all my bookmarks imported.

Hmm, as I added that link I just remembered that Safari doesn’t support inserting content at the cursor position in textareas like Camino does… this could knock me back to Camino in a hurry. 🙁

Also, it seems that Safari still doesn’t support the <label> tag so clicking on the text for a checkbox/radio button/entry field doesn’t work properly (I should have remembered this, I still have to use a JavaScript function in my apps for this reason). *Sigh* I have no doubt that Safari will surpass Camino, but for now Camino is still the more mature browser.

This trial, like the previous ones, may not last long.