DSL Up and Running

I have DSL up and running at my new place in Denver. No furniture (until tomorrow), but I have high-speed internet. 🙂

According to DSL Reports, my speed is pretty good (not sure how long that URL will work).

Your download speed : 413670 bps, or 413 kbps. A 50.4 KB/sec transfer rate.
Your upload speed : 208441 bps, or 208 kbps.

50KB/sec down is about 1/3 the speed I had with my cable modem in Sunnyvale. I’m downloading the update to Captain FTP right now and it started at 50KB/sec and and is down to 11KB/sec right now… this is r-e-a-l-l-y – s-l-o-w…

Oh well, it’s temporary anyway.

UPDATE: I’m getting a solid 60-65KB/sec download while downloading the BBEdit 7.1.1 update, that is acceptable.