Doh! 1 minute too late…

If you’re flying on United out of Denver, make sure you check in at least 30 minutes (for carry-on, 45 minutes if you are checking bags) before your flight is scheduled to leave. If you try to checking 29 minutes before the flight is scheduled to leave – you will have to catch the next flight on standby.

In other news, make sure you get to the rental car return early as the shuttles don’t always leave every 10 minutes as they claim to. Sometimes it takes nearly 20 minutes to get a shuttle which means you don’t get to the check-in counter until 29 minutes before your flight.

While waiting for my stand-by flight, I went through Tasks Pro and converted all the toolbars and the post-save action list from tables to CSS styled unordered lists. This saved about 1.5KB of HTML and I slightly reduced the amount of space they take up as well. It looks great in Mozilla and Safari – I’m a little scared to try it in IE.

I also started converting my short PHP tags ‘<?’ to long PHP tags ‘<?php’. This is generally a pain in the arse as I now have to use this syntax in my output templates:

<?php print($foo); ?>

instead of this nice shorthand syntax:


I guess I should try using regular expression to find/replace all of the short tags to long tags – time to check Google.

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