WordPress 1.0

WordPress 1.0 is out! You can grab it from the download page.

This is a really big step forward from the .72 release and though he certainly isn’t the only one contributing, Matt deserves a ton of credit for getting it out. I even managed to get my hands dirty and help out a little right at the end.

Some of the features I’ll be enjoying in the new version:

  • Meaningful URLs – instead of
    the new post URLs look like
    Instead of
    the new category URLs look like
    As an added bonus, the old URLs still work. 😎
  • :scare: Edit This :/scare: links next to every post/comment if you are looking at your own blog. These links jump you directly to the item you clicked on in the admin interface. No more going to the admin interface then having to navigate to the post or comment you want to touch up.
  • Support for setting multiple categories for a single post. Initially, I didn’t like this idea, but I’ve found myself wanting this feature pretty often lately.
  • Comment moderation – this lets you approve comments before they are posted on your site. I don’t know if I’ll turn this on right away, but I’ll definitely use it as I convert my entire site to be WordPress driven.
  • An Atom feed – bring on the Atom compatible RSS Feed Aggregators.
  • Ability to send trackbacks from posts that are saved as drafts. I will be using the Save as Draft feature a lot more now.
  • All of the files are named from a consistent naming scheme – this means less updating of hacks on each release.

I’ll be upgrading this site and my hacks to 1.0 as quickly as I can. I recommend you do the same. 🙂

UPDATE: Some people have had trouble with the initial 1.0 release. There will be an updated (1.0.1?) release shortly.