I’ve upgraded to WordPress 1.0+ – this is actually the latest from CVS. I fixed a number of bugs while converting my site to the new code, so the upcoming release (we should have nightly builds sooner or later) will have, well, fewer bugs. Don’t worry, we’ll write more. 🙂

I also wrote some code that caches the output of the main blog page so it doesn’t have to be reconstructed every time. The problem with doing this, is it broke my little ‘New” indicators on posts and comments. Not to fear, I rewrote the whole thing so that it now does the time comparison using client-side JavaScript, so we should be good to go.

I also had to re-write the mobile version and the photos hack – I think they are working. Post a comment if something looks funny (unless it is the comments that are broken, in that case drop me an email).