Changing Your TiVo Program Data

I spent about an hour on the TiVo support web site, looking for a way to tell the TiVo I’d moved and I need it to get program data for Denver instead of the Bay Area.

When I failed to find it on their web site, I poked around until I found their support phone numbers. I called the support number and couldn’t get through the automated voice prompts. None of the usual escape words (‘operator’, ‘help’, ‘person’) worked. After about 5 minutes of this frustration, I was yelling into the phone and punching numbers on the keypad.

At last, the :scare: voice :/scare: on the other end said, “Hold on while I transfer you to an agent.” Unfortunately, the next :scare: voice :/scare: said it would be a 25-45 minute wait. At least it’s a toll-free number.

So I gave up and called my friend that works at TiVo. 🙂

Sure enough, 30 seconds later I knew that I needed to ‘Repeat Guided Setup’.

This is found under:

Read New TiVo Messages & System Settings
    - Restart or Reset System
        - Repeat Guided Setup

…then follow the prompts.

So if you need to know how to change your program data to another area, this is how.